MULTIMAX FV 2-in-1 CC 2-in-1 Compact External IP67 Antenna - Thread Mount - Black

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The MULTIMAX FV 2-in-1 antenna builds on the best in class RF performance, leading design features, and extended operational life of our highly successful Fleet and Public Safety Antenna products. This new product line also offers a rugged low-profile design which gives you greater protection against all the natural hazards a vehicle faces including vibration, hot, cold, ice, salt, dirt, car washes, and tree branch sweeps. Our antennas typically outlast the life of a vehicle.

MULTIMAX FV 2-in-1 is our fully rugged outdoor sharkfin antenna designed specifically for laptops connecting to a dual pass docking station. This antenna offers a combination of a high gain cellular/LTE antenna which includes LTE Band 14 support for FirstNet, Wi-Fi or GNSS antenna inside a single robust and compact housing.

• Two embedded antenna technologies that operate over multiple bands in one housing; Cell/LTE & Wi-Fi, or Cell/LTE & GNSS
• Leading LTE performance while in coexistence with multiple other embedded antenna technologies
• Lower profile and smaller footprint than competing solutions
• USA factory ensures fast turnaround customizations
• High gain provides bigger cellular footprint
• Must be mounted on metal