Airgain OPTOMX M2M MIMO Salt Shaker LTE MIMO IP67 Antenna - Black

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The OPTOMX M2M MIMO antenna builds on the best in class RF performance, leading design, features, and extended product life tradition of this highly successful product line. Ideal for charging stations, kiosks, digital signage, NEMA enclosures, wireless ATMs, vending machines, industrial metering and other wireless machine to machine applications. This antenna has been designed to mount externally to an M2M or IoT enabled asset, and requires no servicing through its life time.

OPTOMX M2M MIMO is a MIL-STD-810G qualified fully rugged outdoor antenna designed specifically for M2M applications. This antenna provides best in class performance, providing two high gain cellular/LTE antennas inside a single robust and compact housing. OPTOMX is the first antenna in this form factor to support MIMO operation, providing a unique single antenna installation in place of the traditional dual antenna installation where MIMO is required.

• Covers All Cellular/LTE Frequencies Globally
• 2 x Wideband Cellular/LTE Elements (MIMO)
• Lower profile and smaller footprint than competing solutions
• Must be mounted on metal
• MIL-STD-810G qualified