Who We Are

Ensemble Solutions Group

Who We Are
Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona Ensemble Solutions Group provides businesses with comprehensive wireless IOT Solutions through a broad array of hardware, software, connectivity, and helpdesk services from a variety of partners. We take the time to understand the unique complexities of your business and rapidly provide custom, integrated wireless solutions that empower your people and processes. No matter how fast technology moves, our roots are firmly planted in unrivaled client support and satisfaction. With over 25 years of combined IOT experience, we can ensure your job gets done right. 

What We Do
We construct complete wireless strategies that include IOT, tablets, enterprise-grade handheld devices, routers, modems, and connectivity solutions. We couple these solutions with robust, industry applications, mobile device management, engineering services, and custom support options to ensure a complete wireless solution. Wireless is no longer limited to making people mobile; it's about connecting your entire business. We do it better than anyone!

Why We Are Different
While some companies just scratch their heads or barely scratch the surface, we roll-up our sleeves, dig deep, and uncover ways to solve your business challenges. Our in-depth scoping process walks our clients through a mobility analysis, industry trends, data security risks, network infrastructure requirements, contingency planning and user adoption. And it's because of this thorough approach, we can wirelessly enable almost anything- from machines, buildings, cars, computers, assets, and beyond.

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